PrinciPAL?: DPChallenge

He rises early; he has to be an early riser in order to arrive to school on time. He has forgotten what time to himself means. He wanted to be a school principal from the moment he took his first teaching job. And it wasn’t long before he got it. He was on a fast track and took no prisoners. Just three years in the classroom then an assistant principal for two years and then bam- a principal position opened up and as luck would have it, he got it. He was like George Jefferson, moving from a ghetto school in el barrio to the most upscale school demographically in the entire district.

Yeah, the kids were cool, but it was just like any other corporate job but with different customers, hours and pay. The pay would enable his wife to remain at home with his boys: The parents at his school were the toughest, most demanding customers he’d ever seen- nothing like the one’s in the casino where he used to handle marketing. In fact, he’d rather comp a busload of blue-haired bible thumping grannies than sit through another parent conference to discuss Johnny’s disruptive behavior.

And these needy, prima-donna teachers. Geesh, do they think this is a school or a country club? He had too many people to answer to in this monstrously humungous bureaucracy to cater to these teachers, parents, let alone the students. Crazy huh?