unincororated areas

The Journey: Sometimes falling is necessary


The roadmap of my life has a lot of unincorporated areas where nothing is mapped out yet. Just this past week I was forced to make a detour and I wound up at the proverbial fork in the road…..I’m wondering if I should use a checklist, call my pastor, my mother, Ghostbusters, anyone who can help. There are, as always, my instincts, which are readily available (and at times, unreliable).
Since I’m “Escaping From My Comfort Zone” I can’t possibly do what I’ve done in the past. I’ve got to be bold, take risks and step out on faith. I must make firm decisions and not “go with the flow” following along with people in my life who I’ve allowed to set the agenda for me.
I started writing this blog three weeks ago, stepped away from it because I was so incredibly conflicted about what to do and regrettably, had a setback. I oozed into my quasi-comfort zone and it was an utter and complete disaster. From the moment I ventured into it, I was unhappy, disappointed, regretful and uninspired.
Now I’m shoveling manure all around me trying to dig myself out of this hellhole.
Have you ever had a setback? Have you ever been in a situation where you made a decision that you wished you hadn’t?
The reasons that we make decisions that we are soon to regret is because our comfort zone has the ability to reshape itself. It’s like an ever expanding cape that becomes the size that it needs to become in order to try and cover the growing fear that we often manifest.
That is what happened to me. My fear grew larger than I had anticipated and, as a result, I darted back down one of the dark side streets of short sightedness.
I stumbled.
But, brushing myself off, I arose again. And, just like the mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes, I overcame and now I’m so excited that….in my next blog I’ll tell you why.